Governmental Relations - Providing name recognition by raising your organizations’ profile through experienced navigation of the political and legislative process is critical in establishing your firm’s presence in the public sector. We will advocate your position to government leaders through the design of a consistent message that is adaptive to the ever-changing political landscape.

Public Relations and Communications - Conveying client goals and information by acting as a liaison between your organization and the relevant public or governmental agencies opens the door to success. This information sharing is achieved through personal interactions with pertinent players and a variety of print, radio, and video mediums.

Policy Management and Consulting - Executing practical advice and guidance for your organization’s public policy needs ensures present and future success. We tacitly help you accomplish your goals through legislative understanding, policy analysis, and unwavering advocacy.

Strategic Planning and Research - Adopting and promoting your interests through strategic planning and in-depth research of on-point and related issues is critical to message design and goal achievement. Through community interaction, collaboration, issue polling, and process insight we will develop your organizations unique strategy.

Campaign Consulting - Through opportunity, insight, vision and strategy, CornerStone will guide you through your campaign with an innovative approach specially designed to be reflective of the competitive edge you need to win. CornerStone will ensure visibility and accessibility using community events, mailers and informational pieces, and media access.