California Today is currently researching and analysing several policy issues which affect the taxpayers of California.  Let us know what you think on these topics!

Alternative Minimum Tax     
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A new report, released April 14, 2004, reviews the effects that the "stealth tax" has on millions of middle-class taxpayers in high-cost states, especially California. 
As for now, the American middle-class, especially in California, can for once be clearly defined: a growing base of people stuck in the middle, between two tax systems increasingly at odds.

Alternative Minimum Tax
Middle-class under attack

Indian Gaming Taxation
States' new tax plans

SuperCenter Sprawl in CA
Local cities fight pro and con

Protecting Your Identity
Your privacy in a digital age

Indian Gaming Taxation
Several states, including California, are in the process of developing new ways to properly and fairly tax Indian gaming within their states.  Proposals ranging from revenue-sharing to per-person fees have enticed chas-strapped state but have also raised concerns among tribal governments.  California Today is researching legal and political issues facing states as they target the billions in revenues generated on reservations.  Are taxes on Indian casinos proper?  If so, at what level?
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SuperCenter Sprawl in California
California is the newest battleground between existing retailers and the newest kid-on-the-block: one-stop super stores.  Cities across the state have taken sides, some courting the mega retailers while others pass ordinances prohibiting them.   Are these retailers the future... or the end of competition as we know it?
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Protecting Your Privacy
One of the biggest threats to our livelihood is the protection of our personal privacy.  Although Californians have some of the most effective laws in the nation protecting their personal information, technological advances, the growing number of businesses that keep consumer records, aggressive marketing techniques, government collection and distribution of personal information, and criminal innovations have combined to leave many Californians feeling that there privacy may be more threatened than before.  Are we safe?
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