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Report on Alternative Minimum Tax
RELEASED: April 14, 2004

A new report examines the true effects of the Federal government's Minimum Alternative Tax (AMT) on Californians.  The report reviews the history of this "stealth tax" which, although originally intended to tax wealthy taxpayers, now affects millions of middle-class families.

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On a national basis, the impact of the federal Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) on American families has been increasing over time and will accelerate in the near future. We conclude that the AMT has a serious negative impact on California that is disproportionate to states in general, and that this negative impact is contributing to California’s deteriorated economic condition.

This is a political issue unlike those most common to current generations of Americans, yet an issue that led to the birth of the United States. The AMT has no vocal supporters because it has no party. Perhaps the AMT will bring to a new era the lost discussions of federalism, state’s rights, and the direct relationship taxes have to such glorified ideals as equality and progress. As for now, the American middle-class, especially in California, can for once be clearly defined: a growing base of people stuck in the middle, between two tax systems increasingly at odds.

The Alternative Minimum Tax & Its Impacts on California
Release date: April 14, 2004
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Format: .PDF Adobe Acrobat

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